Independent Businesses Matter

It’s almost Black Friday… the start of a key purchasing weekend for many.

This year the discounts get greater and the time-frames longer, Amazon will appear on  almost all of the credit card statements printed next month. We are realistic though, their business model is amazing and they are focused in a way that even our biggest most successful British retailers cannot compete against.. but the small independent retailer?

We all enjoy an offer…  but just a small gentle thought for a Monday morning… when you shop with the small independent retailers in your community, the spend goes into your local economy. Local spend keeps post offices open, provides local, often flexible job opportunities. Supporting your local retailers ensures small high streets remain unique, diverse places to shop, whilst keeping town centres well looked after, with few vacant properties and none of the issues that can follow that situation arising.

We believe that small independent businesses do more than sell products, many are central points to meet and for those less mobile, to share a human connection moment, without a click or swipe. If small random acts of kindness truly do make the world a better place, then in micro terms, your community is one of the best places to see and do them. As small independent retailers we are perfectly positioned to give a little more than people expect, its why we all choose to do what we do, so expect great service with smiles and knowledgeable friendly individuals who are passionate about their job.

Our local independent retailers are offering promotions this week so we will be starting at Christmas shopping right here, in beautiful Melbourne, and we hope that in doing so, this little corner of Derbyshire will be sharing the smiles and the “jigs”.

Thank you for supporting independent businesses this Black Friday week.

Kirsten x



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