Guaranteed Smiles…

This season is all about smiles and giving back, taking time to pause awhile in a busy whirling world.

Fun, laughter, sharing, giving of yourself not just gifting physical presents, but spending time with those you care about, and doing a little more for others, than life sometimes allows you to during the rest of the year.

We love what we do, we love meeting customers new and old in our little shop, and we are delighted to give people a little more than they expect with our complimentary giftwrapping service. We enjoy sharing the stories of our suppliers and their wonderful products, and we love giving present suggestions for the time-starved and the baffled.

Chatting recently to a friend about this little business of ours and talking about our point of difference, I was asked to identify what made our customers happy? I explained about the giftwrapping service; “I didn’t know you did that” they said, somewhat incredulously, “do you have a sign telling people?” Rather red faced I admitted that “no, we didn’t”…

It made me think how many people may not realise because until the point of purchase we don’t highlight it, we don’t shout about it, but why not? Maybe just as in wider life we should say what we can do for others, not simply wait until the need appears to arise?

So here it is, just incase you didn’t know…

We are delighted to give you present selection guidance, interior advice and… we love giftwrapping, it’s what we do, we are delighted to do it so please do ask us.

So no need to frown at sellotape, fight with paper or find ribbon… smiles guaranteed… and for those of you than would like a top up of guaranteed smiles now you know your giftwrapping trauma need not be the usual festive occurrence… why not take a look at our latest wonderful children’s products… my favourite? The Baby Kiwi… it might need to be another housepet for our home!

So happy browsing, happy musing, happy smiling

Happy November wishes

Kirsten x

NB: Signage explaining the giftwrapping service is ordered, and I’m very grateful for the gentle nudge, thank goodness for the blunt honesty of trusted friends!





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