Dinos Rock… in friendship terms

Three years ago my 8 year old and I were discussing a most important matter… Triceratops or Diplodocus for the top dinosaur award? … I suggested perhaps we considered the Tyrannosaurus Rex… “no one wants to be friends with one of those Mummy”

The moral of this story? Parenting is rarely what you image it is, but sometimes a little precious moment appears out of the blue and makes you believe you may have taught your children something valuable along the way… albeit in dinosaur form.

The two of us still really rather love dinosaurs, and dragons are totally marvellous in our world, but that’s another story entirely.

My children still choose the children’s products for our little business so here we say “hurrah for dinosaurs and beware the T-Rex”

Dinos stomp back instore next week, and the dragons?… I’m working on those at the moment.

Kirsten x

Triceratops with painting


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