To hygge or not?

Short days and long dark evenings continue and although the first signs of the daylight lengthening can be spotted,  for now the answer to living well in January seems to be hunkering down and turning the focus to hygge.

Funky and on-trend it may well be, yet the principles of this Scandinavian lifestyle remaining firmly rooted in the enjoyment of simple traditional pleasures and embracing all that nature offers.

So how can we hygge when even saying the word looks fraught with complications?

Pronounced “hoo-gah”, the concept is anything but complicated, an opportunity for a technology detox and a reconnection with a soothing, multi sensory home and lifestyle.

Log fires, reading and board games in warm welcoming spaces. Soft lighting and the relaxing ambience that candlelight creates. The inclusion of tactile natural fabrics, warm texture layering and careful selection of interior accessories for their natural beauty and longevity. This is embracing the “slow living movement” not simply capturing and adopting the latest interior fad.

Neutral gentle tones in decor, natural touches of stone and wood and the enjoyment of homes and moments with loved ones. Large sharing dishes and drinks to warm the soul.

Think spicy glogg, a bubbling generously proportioned casserole and sugar encrusted cinnamon buns and the simple happiness that hygge cultivates will surely follow.

Kirsten x



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